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Kathmandu’s decay: From glorious past to ominous future

Kathmandu: The legend and the legacy Legend about Kathmandus evolution holds that the valley was once a huge lake some thousands years ago. A visiting …

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Disasters loom large in Nepal as the planet overheats. Yet it cares less?

If the mounting scientific evidence and recent surge in climate events worldwide are precursor to anything, it has to be the fact that more pronounced …

Environment  Sabin Jung Pande

Nepal’s high inflation, high borrowing cost and pay gap trap

Nepals economy has been crawling as one of the least developed in the world for over decades now. That boils down to poor living standards …

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How Kathmandu’s lethal pollution is its worst economic adversary?

Cities on lockdown due to corona pandemic has provided a momentarily respite with improved air quality to many cities across the world including the ailing …

Economy  Sabin Jung Pande

Chitwan’s Chained Elephants

In 2017, I made a trip with my family to Chitwan to attend a close friends sons paasni, a Nepali ceremony where a six-month child …

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The failures of GDP

A brief history of GDP In the history of measurement of economic development, nothing surpasses GDPs stronghold on global economies. The single statistical measure obtained …

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Is taxing private electric vehicles really regressive?

In his third annual budget presentation that the Finance Minister (FM) Yubaraj Khatiwada announced a few weeks back, the government raised tax brackets for private …

Economy  Sabin Jung Pande