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is a researcher and a social media lead at the_farsight and a student of microbiology.

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Peace of Westphalia and emergence of international relations

During our recent podcaston International Relations with Mr. Gaurab Shumsher Thapa, he mentioned the term Peace of Westphalia while explaining the history and origin of …

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Nepal’s air quality shows little signs of improving

Nepal ranks one of the most polluted countries (16th) in 2022 based on an air quality assessment by IQAir a Swiss air quality tech company. …

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Liquid tree: a sublime solution to pollution

Cities are responsible for more than 70% of the globes carbon dioxideemissions, which are primarily caused by industrial and mechanised transportation networks that consume enormous …

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Half of the country’s households still rely on firewood for cooking

The increased use of sustainable household appliances and electric cars indicates a global shift toward the use of renewable energy sources. In contrast to this, …

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The ‘Sajha’ Problem

37 electric buses that Sajha Yatayat a cooperative-based public transportation service provider had purchased are yet to begin operation. Only three electric buses that were …

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NTB mandates licensed trekking guide to all foreign trekkers

The Nepal government has prohibited foreign travelers (solo or in groups) from trekking expeditions without accompanying a licensed trekking guide. A government-licensed guide is now …

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How is the Nagdhunga Tunnel project faring?

The Nagdhunga Tunnel, considered to be the first modern tunnel in Nepal connecting Satungal (Kathmandu)and Sisnekhola (Dhading) has completed 50.2% of physical works and 54.4% …

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ChatGPT: An Explainer

The internet is enchanted with ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) at the moment an AI chatbot developed by the OpenAI foundation and launched as a …

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Nepal’s Chhurpi export sees tremendous growth

Export of the worlds hardest cheese, Chhurpi, often called a Himalayan chewing gum, has soared in the last five fiscal years. Last fiscal year, Nepal …

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Nepal targets to export $75 million worth Chyangra Pashmina by 2026

Last week, Nepal unveiled its National Pashmina Sector Export Strategy 2022-2026. The strategy aims to increase its Chyangra Pashmina export to Rs 10 billion ($75 …

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Nepal’s poor corruption record isn’t improving, says perception indices

In a national representative 'Survey of the Nepali People in 2022' by Kathmandu University, Interdisciplinary Analysts, and The Asia Foundation, around 40% of the total …

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How are federal laws made in Nepal?

Bills on MCC, Citizenship and Guthi are few of the examples in the recent past that displayed how lawmaking and politics intersect and can lead …

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