Kathmandu’s decay: From glorious past to ominous future

From potential to become an exemplary megalopolis, imbibing knowledge from its past, to becoming a hideous and hazardous valley, here’s Kathmandu’s story. What was Kathmandu …

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Kathmandu - A crumbling valley!

Kathmandu Valley has lost its fertile land to sprawls while hills and forests are felled without rethinking. The air has become toxic, rivers are polluted …

Environment Sabin Jung Pande

What does the Nepal-China 13 points joint statement cover?

The joint statement outlines the understanding and agreements, including signed MoUs, between the two countries achieved during the PM Dahal's official visit to China

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Import of electric cars doubles in the first two months of the fiscal year

Nepal imported 575 cars, jeeps, and vans from China while it reached 317 from India in the first two months of FY 2023/24.

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Social Activist Iih stands outside KMC for eighth day

Iih has been standing outside the Rastriya Sabha Griha since September 19 in a peaceful protest demanding KMC for systematic management of street businesses through …

Politics Vivek Baranwal

ADB approves $100 million loan each to Nepal and Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank has approved a concessional loan to Nepal to nourish fiscal management and promote decentralisation in the country, and another loan to …

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What is the diplomatic standstill between India and Canada about?

The declaration of persona non grata to each other’s senior diplomats confirmed a sour diplomatic faceoff between Canada and India.

International Ashish Ghimire

Upper Trishuli-1, one of the largest FDI projects, achieves 22% physical progress

With 70% of the project cost being debt financed by nine international banks and 30% from private investments through NWEDC, the project is expected to …

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Let's Talk Numbers

Nominal Wage in Nepal (2005-2020) (In NRs)



Almost 4 out of 5 in Nepal's working population don’t have secondary education

Nepal Labor Force Survey - III (NLFS - III, 2018)

TV show ‘Revolutionary Agriculture War’ seeks to change Nepal’s agriculture landscape

The new game reality show claims to offer a prominent stage for stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

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The limitations of GDP

GDP is limited to accumulation of material wealth and ignores the costs at which it is derived.

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Updates on Nepal-China recent engagement

The Transit and Transport Agreement signed between Nepal and China in March 2016 secured a breakthrough as turmeric powder imported from Vietnam reached Nepal via …

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The hidden gems of Sudurpaschim

Except for people residing here, the region remains untouched, so far, unnoticed in every way.

Art & Culture Rebika Kunwar

Highlights from the new census: The shifts in Nepal’s agriculture landscape

The new agriculture census provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of farming in the country, showing changes in many variables over the period of …

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Mugu district connects with the national grid

Humla remains the only district to connect with the national grid.

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Tourist arrival shows signs of recovery

The country is likely to cross one million visitors by 2023.

News Anjila Khadka